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  • Fully automatic, pneumatic hot air seam taping machine.
  • Seam sealing machine V-2 is used to seal the sewn seam under the setting temperature and pressure.
  • Power approx-1.8kW
  • Voltage - AC 220V
  • The frequency - 50Hz
  • Max. temperature ~ 7000C
  • Total Air pressure 0.3~0.35MPa
  • Speed-1~25m / min.
  • Motor Power 60
  • Dimensions 600 x 1350 x 1530mm
  • Upper pressure roller size 18 ~ 25mm
  • The width of the platen roller 25.4mm (1 inch)
  • Pressure on the upper pressure roller 0.15MPa 0.1
  • Diameter of pressure roller 65mm
  • Hot air nozzle width 22mm
  • Noise <80dB


  • Seam sealing machine hot-air with electronic control V-2 is one of the latest products Jiangmen VIM. The project unit is microprocessor based and intelligent and programmable logic controller PLC. Enables digital setting and fine adjustment of parameters. The machine housing has a special gain, and lower column is ultra-thin. The series is distinguished by automatic temperature control, automatic cut the tape and ribbon supply system and mikrocofania to facilitate the work, the removal of faults and maintenance of the machine.
  • A large operational space and ideal effect of fixation make V-2 machines are used in the manufacture of professional clothing and waterproof tents. They are particularly appreciated by manufacturers of high water resistance class, of three layers of material.
  • Most of the materials for the production of waterproof (including clothing, backpacks, tents, tarpaulin covers and protective clothing special purpose vehicles) requires the use of watertight seams. Water resistance seam is obtained by gluing on a previously formed seam special tape by hot air.


  • Computer control
  • Tape releaser
  • Auto tape cutting
  • Stepping motor
  • Variable speed
  • Easy to operate

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