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  • Machine is equipped with electronic control system based on Micro Controller with 64 KB memory.

    The knotting mechanism interchanged for the fusing mechanism, thus increasing the versatility of the machine. The wrapping position, knotting position, trimming position and the solenoid operating mode calibrated with the program.

  • Wrapping speed: 10-3000 rpm
  • Knotting speed: 100-1400rpm
  • Input Voltage: 230 Vac
  • Current: 1 amp
  • Frequency: 50 Hz
  • Air pressure: 5bars
  1. Number of wrapping turns can be programmed from 5-250 rounds.
  2. Number of knots can be programmed from the range of 3-30 knots.
  3. Button height can be programmed from 1mm to 10mm.
  4. Patented thread trimming mechanism which ensures 3-4 mm of remaining thread after trimming.
  5. The machine has built in electronic peripherals test mode which allows checking the sensors and motors and the motor drive.
  6. All motor drives have the IC based driving system which give more accuracy & easy maintenance.
  7. Our team of engineer’s writes the software and hardware has developed by the best technicians giving us flexibility & unconditional & easy up-gradation.
  8. Mosfet and PIC controller based SMPS is used which is equipped with free range - 170 volts to 260 volts, hence protected by short circuit, High voltage & auto-stand by.
  • Button type: Flat or Shank
  • Wrapping frequency: 1-200 turns
  • Knotting Frequency: 1-30 turns
  • Initial knotting: 1 or 2 selectable
  • Trimmer: Scissor type
  • Stepping motor drive: PIC and mosfet based
  • Power supply: SMPS controlled with microcontroller

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