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  • Direct drive fully programmable button hole machine. DY 1790 s known for its high speed buttonhole functions. The thread tension and main drive mechanism in DY 1790 s electronically controlled with easy control options.
  • Sewing Speed: Max. 4,200rpm, Normal 3,600rpm.
  • Needle Bar Stroke: 34.6mm.
  • Size of Cloth Cutting Knife: 6.4-31.8mm.
  • Bar tacking Width: Max. 5.0mm.
  • Buttonhole Length: Max. 41mm (optional: 70mm, 120mm).
  • Precision of needle throwing mechanism: 0.05mm.
  • Needle Thread Tension: Active Tension (electronic tension control system)
  • Number of Stitches: Automatically computed from the size of the buttonhole.
  • Needle: (at the time of delivery): DP5 (#11J) #11J- #14J
  • Hook: DP type. Full-rotary hook.
  • Lift of the Work Clamp: 14mm.
  • Auto-lifter provided as standard (stepping motor type).
  • Needle Throwing System: Stepping Motor.
  • Cloth Feeding System: Intermittent feed by Stepping Motor.
  • Cloth Cutting Knife System: By double-acting Solenoid.
  • Number of Standard Patterns: 30 Patterns.
  • Number of Patterns that can be Input: Max. 99 Pattems.
  • Bobbin Thread Winder: Built-in the Machine Head
  • Machine Head Drive System: Compact AC Servo Motor (direct-drive system).
  • Power requirement/ Power Consumption: Single-phase 220V, 230V, 240V 3-phase 200 24OV/600VA.
  • Total Weight: 112 kg.
  • The machine is provided as standard with as many as 30 stitch patterns for buttonholing.
  • The machine eliminates oil stains on the sewing product.
  • Duke's unique active tension (Electronic thread tension control system).
  • Frame shape offers improved operability.
  • Basting stitch mechanism is effective for the production of beautiful button holes.
  • Sewing settings can be easily changed.
  • Shorter length of bobbin thread remaining on the material.

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