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  • Direct drive fully programmable bartack machine.
  • The rotation speed is the highest in the industry: Maximum rotation speed 3,200rpm, Have high-quality sewing completely according to sewing data. Low noise and low vibration: It applies the frame with high rigidity. Through the latest computer analysis, each details part gets good balance, and the noise and vibration are restrained to the minimum. The operator will not feel tired easily or feel under pressure. Sewing area 40 x30 mm: It can be used in all kinds of different usages from men’s wear to jeans, knitted fabric and women’s underwear. If it applies pattern editing software, it can have pattern and artistic sewing freely in the range of 40 x 30 mm, with high extensibility. It can set the height of the presser lifter simply through the operation panel. Not having to use the tool, it can set the maximum presser lifting amount. With high speed sewing and beautiful stitch, it realizes the fastest cycling time in the world. It realizes excellent sewing quality and high production efficiency. Low power consumption: It applies the method of direct computer driving without transmission loss, and is equipped with small power saving motor. Compared with traditional machine, the power consumption reduces by 35%. It is the electronic bar tracking machine with the lower power consumption in the market.
  • Stitch Pattern: Single needle flat seam
  • Maximum Sewing Speed: 3200rpm
  • Sewing Area (X,Y): Maximum 40 x 30mm
  • Fabric Feeding Method: Y-$interval fabric feeding (impulse motor driven mode)
  • Needle Pitch: 0.05-12.7mm
  • Gauge: Random (about the sewing of the pattern after finishing the input, refer to “Summary of Programs”)
  • Maximum Gauge: 210,000 needles (including increased 200,000 needles)
  • Presser Lifter Mode: Impulse motor driven mode
  • Presser Lifting Amount & Button Grip Lifting Amount: Maximum 17mm
  • Rotating Shuttle: Semi-rotary standard rotating shuttle (double rotating shuttle is sold separately)
  • Thread Sweeping Device: Standard device
  • Thread Cutting Device: Standard Device
  • Thread Clamping Device: Standard Device
  • Data Storage Mode: Flash Memory (with CF card, it can increase any sewing pattern as will)
  • Number Of User's Programs: 50
  • Number Of Cycle Programs: 9 cycles (15 programs for each)
  • Number Of Stored Data: It has already input 89 kinds of sewing patterns (it can add 200 kinds of sewing data at the most, increased total gauge are within 200,000 needles)
  • Motor: AC servo motor 550W
  • Weight: Machine head- about 56kg, Operation panel- about 0.6kg
  • Control box: 14.2-16.2kg (vary from region to region), Power. Single-phase 100V/220V, Three-phase 200V/220V/380V/400 400VA

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