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  • Four needles six thread feed of the arm ultra-high speed inter lock flat seaming machine.


  • MACHINE FRAME IS DIRECTED AND TILTING SLIGHTLY TO THE RIGHT SIDE Operators do not need to force their bodies forward and can easily be with wide sewing view, and don’t need to put their chests against the back of machine frame, its annoying heat will no longer be transferred to bodies. Operators are able to relax and sit straight up to perform stitching easily.
  • Advance Generation Design – “Triple Differential Ratio Feeding” On normal flatseam machine, if you want to adjust coarse stitch or fine stitch, you need to open up a big screw on the left side of the machine, and move up or down the Feed Rocker Link. Now on MJ101TX the old-fashioned hidden mechanism is reengineered and exposed on the right side of the machine, and with this change, the stitch adjusting is made visible and terribly easy. Furthermore, a revolutionary "Triple Differential Ratio Feeding mechanism is created, by being supported by original patented Dual Differential Ratio Feeding in MJ62GX/GXD/DX machine series. Because of this new creation, the challenges for a flat seaming on different-stretching, different-weighted and different material of fabrics can be satisfyingly overcome!
  • TO MOVE OUT THE HIDDEN BOTTOM THREAD CAM TO EXTERNAL TYPE The most weakness of hidden Bottom Thread Cam Is It has restricted and sacrificed the ease of threading, maintenance, and the trouble-shooting while thread is entangled. The innovative design of MJ101TX not only eliminates the above said problem, but also assures of a neat, clean and beautiful stitch because the Bottom Thread Cam is moved closer to sewing area where the looper is located.
  • ADJUSTABLE FRONT NEEDLE GUARD: MJ101TX adopts adjustable font needle guard design to protect only the four sewing needle but not to touch the retainer needle to solve the retainer needle easy breaking issue.
  • SUPERIOR OIL PROVIDING AND WITHDRAWING SYSTEMS. A well-designed oil providing and withdrawing system is decisive both to a longer lifespan of parts and machine and to the possibility that stitching speed can be enhanced. The innovative design of MJ101TX is featured with two high efficient oil providing and withdrawing Oil Pumps, which can make sure the oil can be drawn back by independent pump from Needle Bar and Sewing Cylinder's sewing area after the parts are perfectly lubricated.
  • SCD-UNPRECEDENTED STITCH CONDENSER FOR FLAT SEAMING MACHINE (OPTIONAL) The mail purpose of SCD device is used to prevent the thread ends from breaking up. This condensed stitch provides a similar function of a bartacking to stop the thread ends from slipping away or taking off, so reworking will not be required!

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