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  • Directdrive 8 needle computer multi needle machine, 1/8'', max 23 needles, pneumatic type, auto presser foot lifter, thread trimming, with puller, Complete set with standard accessory, including Table, Stand & castor.
  • Subclass: HW800TA-1264UTC/AK/PL
  • Needle: UY113GS
  • Number of Needle: 12
  • Number of thread: 24
  • Needle Gudge: 1/4 “
  • Stitch Length: 2.5
  • Height of Presser Foot: 10
  • Speed: 3200 r.p.m.
  • The mechanical structure optimized and upgraded a number of patented designs, has completely changed the transmission design of existing products on the market. The significant leading is undisputed. It can improve the working efficient by 30% and save the energy.
  • Automatic trimming avoids the time waste, Increases more efficiency and reduces the load of labor at the same time.
  • Automatic presser foot lift function makes worker more relax and easier.
  • The LED light that has many adjustable degrees, can make the labors easily work, guarantee the quality of products, realizing the integration of humanization and practicability.
  • Under the innovative patented design, the problem like traditional similar varieties with high noise, high vibration, the needle bar chain eye, other parts easy to wear, low service life all have been affectively solved by this machine. The machine service life is expected to be two times than traditional models. Even with the high speed, the operation is still smooth, comfortable, and operators feel pleasant.

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