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Automatic sleeve slitting machine(For shirt)


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  • The sewing machine head moves in the X-axis direction and sleeve mold moves in the Y-ons direction, which can meet the sewing accuracy
  • Sleeve mold structure, can make quick change TE The lower support magnetic device can improve the stability of the sleeve folding
  •  Electronic fotlow-up auxiliary presser foot device to ensure the stability of sewing
  •  Wide range of appecabile fabnost Ordinary shet fabrics. Non-ron shery fabrics, Kitted fabrics
  • One machine can realize switching between left and night sleeves, No need to mate additionat molds
  • Machiriable Verve length to 200mm, Widest, Namowest 10mm


Head- DDL8000A(JUKI)

The scope of work - 500mm×280mm

Power - 2kw

Electric- 220V 50/60Hz

Air pressure - 0.5Mpa(5kgf/cm²)

Needle gauge - 0.5-2.0mm

Sewing speed - 3000 rpm

Machine Weight -395kg

Machine size -140X107X127cm


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