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  • This model is designed with compound feed mechanism and super poet bed. It is subclasses into left-side stitching bed (L) and right-side stitching bed (R) and twin needle to meet different sewing requests. With special needle plate it is available for sewing large and cubic articles with small radius, such as boots, handbags, and hats, case & bag, and so on. And it features easy stitch regulation, easy reverse feeding smooth sewing and beautiful stitches.
  • Model (Subclass): GC24698-1L
  • Max Sewing Speed: 1600 rpm
  • Stitch Length: 0 - 6 mm
  • Bed Type: Left-Side Stitching Bed
  • Presser Foot Alternative: 3-5 mm
  • Needle Bar Stroke: 36 mm
  • Presser Foot Lift: 8 mm: By Hand: 8 mm; By Pneumatic: 15 mm
  • Needle Size: DP x 17 17# - 23#
  • Needle Gauge: N/A
  • Highness of Post-Bed: 450 mm
  • Rotating Hook: Vertical hook
  • Lubrication: Semi-auto lubricated
  • Motor: 370W Clutch motor 1400 rpm
  • Other Subclass: GC20618 GC24698-1L, GC24698-1R, GC24698-2B-25, GC24698-5L, GC24698-5R, GC24698-6, GC24698-2, GC24698-2B, GC24698-25L, GC24698-25R, GC24698-BL, GC24698-BR, GC24698-BRHL
  • Max. Sewing speed: 1600 R.P.M
  • Super high post bed, compound feed, semi-auto lubrication
  • Many types including single needle, double needles, left post bed/right post bed
  • Available for sewing large and cubic articles with small radius, such as boots, handbags, has, case & bags, etc
  • A compound feed post bed machine designed with a 17 3/4 inch post bed.
  • The machine is available as a single needle with a left-side stitching bed, a single needle with a right-side stitching bed, or a double needle.
  • A dial-type stitch regulator and reverse feeding lever are standard.
  • A large capacity sewing hook means that bobbin changes are not as frequent. It is best suited to be used on large articles with a small radius such as boots, handbags, hats, cases, bags, and wigs.
  • Sub Model: GC24698-25 This series is the long arm type of the GC24698 series. While maintaining the features of the compound feed mechanism and high post bed, the arm and bed have been double lengthened for large working space. It is sub-classed into two-needle types, single-needle left-side stitching bed type (L) and single needle right-side stitching bed type (R) to meet different sewing requests. With a special needle plate, powerful servo motor, pneumatic presser foot lift, and pneumatic back tacking, it is available for sewing large and cubic articles with small radius easily and smoothly.
  • Sub Model: GC24698-5/-6 Heavy-duty 20 long arm post bed walking foot machines equipped with jumbo hooks, air foot lift, and air reverse feeding. The machines are available in two single needle varieties either with the post to the right of the needle (GC24698-5R) or with the post to the left of the needle (GC24698-5L). The double-needle subclass is available using model GC24698-6. These machines are useful in the construction of any product where a high lift heavy duty machine is required to sew in hard-to-reach areas and difficult to handle materials.
  • MODEL GC24698-BRHL This model is a highest post bed subclass of Highlead post bed compound feed heavy duty lockstitch sewing machines. In order to meet the sewing demand of trunk and bag industry, it is designed with standing sewing operation, lower machine gravity centre, right-side post bed, special needle plate, outer presser foot with guide, powerful servo motor, inertia machine pulley, pneumatic presser foot lift, pneumatic backtack and standing operation pedal. With features of powerful penetrating force, large working space and labor saving, it is an ideal sewing equipment for trunk and bag industry.

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