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  • Direct drive pattern sewing procedural floriation machine working area (300X200MM)
  • Adopting servo control and textile feed device with enhanced rigidity, thus, high exquisite patterns can be sewed, even while sewing with high speed or sewing thick textiles, bad stitches and deviation problems which often occur to computer floriation machines would not exist.
  • Use of sewing machine: Flat-seam floriation sewing machine (2-times hook)
  • Line: Single-needle flat seam
  • Highest sewing speed: 2,700 rpm
  • Sewing area (X,Y): (Maximum) 300X200 mm
  • Cloth feeding device: Intermittent feeding (driven by pulse motor)
  • Needle pitch: 0.05-12.7mm
  • Maximum needle number: (20,000 needles/1 pattern)
  • Presser foot drive: Pneumatic
  • Work Clamp Height: (Maximum) 30 mm
  • 2-step presser foot: All-in-one presser foot
  • Raising amount by intermittent presser foot: 22 mm
  • Stroke by intermittent presser foot: 0 or 2 4.5 mm or 4.5-10 mm (Factory defaults 3mm)
  • Hook: Two times of shuttle hooks ( Standard shuttle hooks are optional components)
  • Scavenging device: Standard facility
  • Tangent device: Standard facility
  • Data storage way: Flash memory (You can sew pattern with CF card) 3.5inch disk 2HD/1.44MB, 2DD (options)
  • Motor: AC servomotor 550W
  • Weight: Head about 160 kg, Operating panel: about 0.6 kg, control box: 14.2-16.2 kg (according to different export countries)
  • Power: Single phase 220V, 3-phase 380V
  • Air pressure: 0.5 Mpa 18 1/min
  • Exquisite Stitches, reliable floriation sewing.
  • Highest sewing speed 2,700rpm (Using the stitch length of 3.5mm).
  • Strong frame needle Penetrating Power.
  • Low power consumption, Economical & Practical.
  • Using big presser foot of two steps descending to Easily Position the textiles.

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